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Product Review: Lace Locker

Disclaimer: I am reviewing a pair of Lace Locker that were sent to me as an evaluation of the product. Learn more about Lace Locker by going to

Usually when I run, I double-knot my laces to help keep them tied together. This has caused problems in the past where the knot was so tight the only way for me to get the knot undone was to slide my shoe off and undo the knot. Not ideal at all! Another problem I've had is when I thought my laces would stay tied without a double-knot, they have become untied while I was running. This happened once in the middle of a 10 mile race. I didn't want to stop, but was definitely focused on making sure my shoe didn't fly off my foot while I was running. Again, not ideal.

Enter the Lace Locker solution.

I knew about Lace Locker from following Neely Spence Gracey, who endorses them. She used to run on the Hansons Brooks Distance Project team and is now running on the Adidas team.

I was contacted by Lace Locker last week to evaluate a pair of Lace Locker. I was able to choose from the wide variety of styles and colors. There are 25 different options available! It was difficult to decide which ones I wanted to evaluate. After some hard decision making, I went with the Boston Strong Blue with Yellow Logo.

On to the product!

A pair will come in a ziploc bag together with an instruction sheet.

The bag containing the pair of Lace Lockers and instructions

Contents of the bag

It isn't difficult to put these on your shoes. You don't need to untie your shoes or take out the current laces and put in new ones. The way Lace Locker stays in place on your shoe is by velcro like strip. No glue or anything permanent is done to your laces or your shoes. It is easy to remove them and put them on another pair of shoes or swap out for a different design.

All it takes are 3 easy steps to get them on your shoes.


Here is what Lace Locker looks like on my shoes.

My review

It didn't take long for me to get these on my shoes. It was really easy to do. I was glad I didn't have to take my laces out and put in new ones. I've had a few runs since I've put these on my shoes. My laces didn't become untied! Because they are so light, I didn't even think about them being on my shoes during a run. It was great knowing I wouldn't be trying to unknot my shoelaces when I was untying them. During one run, my shoes got wet from running through a puddle. After the run, I looked at my shoes and Lace Locker didn't get ruined or start coming apart. My laces stayed put!


I really love this product! I will be making the hard decision of which style I want to get for my other running shoes now.

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