Product Review: Zwift RunPod

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Zwift RunPod

Problem: Running on the treadmill can get boring. You are running, but not really going anywhere. The scenery around you doesn't change much and you keep looking at a clock to see how much longer you have left in your run. Watching a movie can be a good way to help pass the time on a treadmill, but you aren't really engaged in the run itself. This is where the Zwift RunPod can help!

Zwift RunPod

Zwift RunPod Details:
  • Easily pairs with Zwift via Bluetooth
  • Calibrates within Zwift and is always ready to go
  • Measures and broadcasts speed, cadence and distance
  • Includes a standard CR2032 battery that’s easy to replace
  • Product weight: 13g
  • Other than the RunPod, is there a cost to run using Zwift?
    • Nope! Once you have your RunPod, you can connect and use Zwift for free. You can download the app from iTunes Store or Google Play store for free!
  • Will this be heavy to wear on my shoe?
    • It's very light weight. I ran with it on my shoes many times and never had a problem.
  • Will it fall off your shoe during a run?
    • When attaching the RunPod to my shoe, I made sure to hear a 'click' to make sure it was properly attached and ready to go.
  • Do I need to turn on the RunPod before I start my run?
    • Once you have it on your shoe, there's nothing more you need to do to the Pod itself. It has a motion sensor and will get turned on when you start walking or running.
  • Does it matter what shoe I put it on?
    • It's up to you! I ran with it on my left shoe and tried it on my right shoe and had the same experience with both of them.
  • Does the RunPod use batteries or can it be recharged?
    • The RunPod uses a standard CR2032 battery that is easy to replace. It's very similar to a watch battery.
  • What do I need to connect my RunPod to?
    • You can connect it to your phone (Android app is still in beta), connect it to your computer (if it has Bluetooth support) or connect it to a smart treadmill. Here is a list of supported Smart Treadmills:

  • Can I connect with other people to run with in Zwift or will I be virtually be running by myself?
    • This is one of the many great things about it. You can virtually run with your friends and see their avatar on the screen with you as you run. Even if you don't have any friends who are running when you are, you will still see other runners and bicyclists along the course. Don't worry though. You won't get knocked down, trip or fall over.
  • Will Zwift display any metrics while I'm running or does it only show the scenery and other people virtually on the course?
    • There are MANY other things displayed! You are able to get your mile splits, your current speed, current pace, elapsed time, distance covered, calories burned, and even get to see other Zwifters nearby. Seeing other Zwifters nearby as you run can help you feel connected as other people are active on the same course you are.
  • I was skeptical if running with a Zwift RunPod and virtually running would be fun. I was surprised when I found out how much fun it can be. I've ran in the Zwift virtual world many times already and plan on running more in the future! I love how I was able to customize my avatar to have it look like me and it was a virtual person and not a dot on the screen. I had my RunPod connected to my phone each time. Though the screen was smaller than the recommended laptop or tv screen, I was still able to look down and see my virtual self running. The scenery moves and doesn't repeat. It's like you're actually running in that area. I had my RunPod setup to sync with Strava because I wanted to see how Strava would display it on a map. To my surprise, it had me running part of the virtual course on both land and water!

Overall, I had a really great experience with the Zwift RunPod. It was easy to connect to my shoe, easy to connect to my phone, and it really helped make running on a treadmill more fun! I highly recommend everybody try it!

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